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Organic farming with the utmost precision

Organic farming combined with advances in precision agriculture ensure the optimal use of resources to obtain the best results by applying the exact doses that each strain needs.

The FITOVAR project, promoted by Bodegas Escudero together with AGER TECHNOLOGY, PANOIMAGEN and SERVICIOS AGRARIOS RIOJANOS (SAR), reaches the end of its first phase of development.

Through this action, new variable dosage systems are being developed for the application of phytosanitary products and chelates in an intelligent way both in vineyards and in fruit crops.

After defining the specifications, it was possible to define the system configuration and select its components and a functional prototype was already built. In addition, work is being done on the software and the creation of an app that will complete the system and allow controlling the dosage of products, as well as some design improvements.

Once this milestone has been concluded, in the next phase the construction and assembly of the subsystems will be completed and field tests will be carried out and the final system validation will be completed.

The project is being carried out thanks to funding from the Government of La Rioja, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and the European Union through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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