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A way of live

Imagen de Familia Escudero

Tradition, effort and commitment in all its aspects, three essential ingredients to obtain the highest quality in all our products.

In 1852 Juan Escudero planted the first hectares of vineyard without imagining the inspiration that this would bring to his descendants, a route that after almost 170 years continues to expand horizons. He knew how to transmit to his children and grandchildren the commitment, respect and love towards the vineyard and nature, teaching them a lesson that has become the maxim of the family: the earth offers us everything, it is our inheritance and that of our children, to whom we want to leave everything in the best possible condition, even better than how we found it. Therefore, we avoid the use of any product that damages the balance of the autochthonous ecosystem of the vineyard and the soils.

Five generations later, we have combined the tradition that runs through our veins and the wisdom of our parents and grandparents, our best kept treasure, with the continuous research and development of new cultivation and production techniques, which allows us to achieve a commitment to quality. that we maintain with the vineyard, with our products and with the trust that consumers place in Familia Escudero.

A long road full of adventures and misadventures, joys and disappointments, successes and failures; many difficult moments from which we have always emerged reinforced thanks to passion, effort and perseverance in our work to make the project go ahead and fulfill the promise of offering all our clients the peace of mind of knowing that our wines, cavas, oils or vermouth we always offer the highest quality.

A project of which we know its beginning, we advance in its present and we want to know its future. A future that we face from the freedom of change and adaptation to the new needs of consumers, thanks to the integral management of all processes from cultivation to the marketing of our products, which facilitates adaptation and rapid action in the event of unforeseen events.

Proud of our past, in love with our present, and excited about the future.