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The Intenational Wine Challenge (ICW) is one of the four most rigorous, impartial and influential competitions in the world thanks to the selection of its jury and the methodology to carry out the tastings completely blind, without price, producer or brand information.

Because of that, we are very happy to share with all of you the results of the last tasting that took place in London during the month of April 2022. A recognition of the excellence and work behind each wine.

The jury has awarded 95 points to ARVUM Selection 2019 thus crowning it with a gold medal. Very close to that gold medal, there are Vidau Selección and Solar de Bécquer Crianza, with 92 and 93 points respectively, they have received a well-deserved silver medal.

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ARVUM Selección is tradition in its most genuine form, the love and enthusiasm that our parents, Antonia and Benito, transmitted to us towards the cultivation of vineyards that had already been previously cultivated by their parents and grandparents. A tribute to the perseverance with which the whole Family takes care of the same dream: to obtain excellence in all our wines.

With the word Vidau, our ancestors referred to those wineyards in which a diversity of varietals was planted and blended. Estates that are the root of our history and which still offer us their fruits with which we achieve a grateful and sincere wine, a perfect wine to drift away and reminisce.

Solar de Becquer Crianza a classic from Rioja. An elegant wine capable of transmitting the essence of the noblest vineyards through the character of the Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Garnacha grapes.