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ARVUM, Gold Medal in Grenaches du Monde.

ARVUM, a signature wine created with the aim of honoring our parents, Antonia and Benito. Last September, it won the Gold medal in the Grenaches du Monde competition.

A 100% Vidau red wine, a set of various varieties grown on a single vineyard with an average age between 80 and 120 years, located in the “Cuesta la Reina” estate. After fermentation and maceration, it remained for 17 months aging in French and Romanian oak barrels.

In the glass, its very covered cherry red color is appreciated. Fine aromas and elegant creamy toasted aromas and ripe fruit, with a lot of expression and complexity. In the mouth it is powerful, meaty and round, very rich in nuances, complex and elegant aftertaste.

A wine that transmits love for our people, the best company to enjoy with the family.

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