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Harvest of the olives
29/11/12 THE ESCUDERO FAMILY FINISHES THE HARVEST OF THE OLIVES Among the olive trees they are fortunate to have centenary olive trees but its olive production is quite low. However most of olive trees were planted about ten years ago.

They have approximately 82,000 olive trees, which are spread over the Pradejón area, Finca La Legua to be precise (15,000), Monte Yerga (60,000) and Grávalos (12,000).
As mentioned before, the chosen varieties are Arbequina and Tosca, both very resistant to low temperatures, with high yields and with a fruity balanced taste. 12,000 Tosca trees and 3,000 Arbequina trees in Finca la Legua.

Imagen blogIt is necessary to start the whole process of harvesting at the right time of fruit ripening. The Tosca was harvested  early in November and this process lasted several days. The Arbequina on the other  hand matures a couple of weeks later and so collection took place between 15 and 22 November. this collection is performed on dates a little dangerous because it starts to get cold and there is risk of frost. So you have to take special care to avoid them, as a frost brings a loss in quality of the olive oil.Imagen blog

The olive harvest process is fully mechanized, allowing the olives to be in less than 10 hours in the olive oil mill. This time is vital because any delay in the collection is a loss of quality. Thanks to the collection speed the acidity is reduced in the final product acidity and oxidation is prevented. Another major advantage of using a harvester is that the neither fruit nor fruit tree is damaged, which affects the final olive oil quality and sustainability of the crop.

From the stainless steel hopper of the harvester the olives are passed to the truck, which is also of stainless steel, and immediately leads to the olive press.

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